Episode 41.3
“Perhaps you should think long and hard about your life choices.”
Another eleventh hour episode, so Dave alone bringing you new content. Being productive elsewhere has meant little or no time to edit the pre-recorded show with Bob and Kent. In addition he will be away next week touring with Just Before Dawn, so you’ll all have to fend for yourselves and head on over to the MBR Archives and grab a repeat episode. But as for this one, Dave only goes as far back as the 1990s and up to present day. He even plays some of the new TROIKADON album on this show, so MBR listeners get an exclusive! Blink and you’ll miss out! If you want some older metal, then please do go check out the limited run of Decade Of Decadence with Dorian Grey, over on Radio Free Satan.
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 41.3
Saturday, April 14, 2018