Episode 42.5
“Is that the stuff in potato chips…?”
CAVEAT: This is NOT the 11th anniversary show as stated in the episode.
We also start it very, very drunk.
(Yes, those two sentences are most definitely related.)
Many thanks to Bill M. from The Devil’s Mischief for this episode’s cover image.
Brand new episode with all new shenanigans. Dave, Bob and Kent get right back into it with a terribly drunken first half recorded a month before the somewhat sober second. In between is Mark’s repeated rabbiting review, which we forgot to add last episode. (Whoops.) Live, laugh, love, listen in, and lick it up.
You want episode highlights? Well there aren’t any. But if you’re lucky you’ll get to hear:
Terrible Shatner impressions.
Drunken spelling bee.
Chartered accountant vocals.
The covert iPhone killer.
They don’t make Yuggoths like they used to!
Scarlet Johansson and a yoghurt coating.
Power-bottoms in Denmark.
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 42.5
Saturday, May 25, 2019