Episode 39.5
“Mind the gap, ya dumb squib…”
As promised, here’s a show featuring Dave’s great mate, Mark Eve. He’s a cheeky chap, a cockanee, who much prefers lifting weights than shirts. This episode was recorded in a seedy hotel room in the suburbs of Copenhagen about 3 weeks ago, so the antibiotics should have kicked in by now. First half of this one is a special, first time feature of Transcending Obscurity Records. Therefore we warn you of a spot of nepotism. Second half sees Mark in charge of the playlist (and the sheepdip) with a few surprises being brought to the table. There’s a plethora of weapons grade IPA imbibed, some transvestite dwarf with hands as big as Andre the Giant references, and a heap of great music.
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 39.5
Friday, June 16, 2017