Episode 42.8
“And now our last hope is a balloon…”
This one was recorded over 12 months ago. It can be dated by the mention of the former British Prime Minister, and that Kent destroyed Dave’s iPhone so he had to get a new one. Yep, that’s how long ago it was. This is a special show to both celebrate and criticize Brexit from an completely apolitical standpoint. It was also a great laugh to get drunk, play these songs, and talk bollocks like always. So CAVEAT: it’s all for fun. Happy (Metal) Brexit Day! We have a Bob, so bung him a bundle instead of Big Ben. (Whose f**king idea was THAT anyway?!) We start out trying MBR the old school way - less chat, more music - but that quickly changes as beers get sunk, and we find we can’t seem to shut up. But at least we knew what we were doing! Don’t forget to check out Mark’s Rabbiting Review as well, which this time showcases his top releases of 2019.
On this episode:
Theresa May. Or may not.
No bringing up Carsten again. Or the war.
Kermit Cooper.
Thanos can bring back The Sweeney.
Post-Brexit shoebox housing.
Gummi bear Biafra.
Big Mark’s fisting jokes and forthcoming resignation.
Schroedinger’s Brexit.
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Metal Brexit Radio - Episode 42.8
Friday, January 31, 2020