Episode 43.8
“Ladies and Gentlemen…”
While we’re not celebrating it on this episode, this show actually marks MBR’s 13th anniversary, from back on April 1st. What we ARE celebrating here is a happy-ish New Year. Indeed, this show was recorded back in 2020 and was going to be the first episode for January 2021. But schedules are currently all wibbly-wobbly, so this one is here now. Better late than never. Though you may want to listen to it before agreeing to the previous sentence. On this show you’ll be getting and regretting:
2020: What a bag of shite.
The Corona calibration litmus test.
We hope Sweden is okay!
Dave’s overly loud glasses.
Blasphemy and willy-waving at Jesus.
Black black blackety-black blackened of the blackest blackened black metal.
Aural haemorrhoid cream.
More cheese on your NWOBHM, vicar…or would you prefer a foursome?
Bass guitar, or a bee in a toilet roll?
Black & white TVs are actually colour.
It has come to our attention that Bob’s favourite KISS album is probably “Unmasked.”
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 43.8
Thursday, April 8, 2021