Episode 44.0
“You’re never involved…”
Dave, Kent and Bob are on fine form in this episode. Well it sounds that way at least. It’s probably just the ale talking. Recorded early in 2021, so apologies for the delay. More bands run the gauntlet, more exterminations, more expletives, and a lot of beer and trips to the bathroom. Many thanks to Rob Turman, who sent us money to spend on beverages, and also on the Stygian Dark album mix. So if you think it sounds shit then blame him. He also sent in another song. Blame him for that, too. On this episode there are such tantalising titillations as:
Possible intercourse with Jean-Michelle Jarre.
When is an Iniquity album not an Iniquity album?
Asthmatic oral pleasures between March and May.
Lick your laptop in a B-movie frenzy.
JK Rowling’s rubbish book: Gordon Ramsey and the respectable Roe recipe.
A country mile, a baker’s dozen, and a short Stygian walk into a bar.
Bring forth Toyah Wilcox and the nipples!
Bludgeonly time distortions during the “WOOP” count for Guinness.
Kent admits to holes in his musical upbringing. Or ball bag.
Do you have a moment to talk about brains?
Relating bollocks about past hosts.
Is it Canadian, or a stroke?
Nepotism: It rhymes with Benediction. Almost.
Revenge: Best served cold, with feta cheese and dressing.
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 44.0
Saturday, September 4, 2021