Episode 43.9
“I am talking ‘ere!!”
This show was recorded in March (of this year, obviously) and we would very much like to give thanks to Rob Turman for the donation of beer money AND to the studio costs for Dave’s latest project, Stygian Dark. Speaking of Dave’s projects, he plays one that is over 23 years old that no one has ever heard. You can all shut your Desert Mouth, too. As for the request to keep things short, well it almost becomes the longest show ever. On this episode you can complain about:
Scandinavian credit cards.
Lars Ulrich, the famous Finnish plumber.
Dog-licked reading glasses.
Total Nepotism, and Pandora opens up her box. The slut.
We blame the American for previous PC-related violations.
Married With Children, starring Ted Bundy.
How many guitar WHOOOOPS did you count?
The tale of the buttery Spaniel.
Rob T: Thanks for the beer money! The song…not so much.
Dave admits he once sang like a girl. (Once??)
Bob is “don’t mention the war” years old.
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 43.9
Monday, June 14, 2021