Episode 44.2 - Part 1
Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 44.2 - PART ONE (A show of 2 halves.)
“We all seem that way, even if we’re not but secretly are.”
It’s time for the MBR Xmas Crustmas Banana Bonanza! Not that it’s any different from other episodes, though it does have a guest in the form of Mads Haarløv from Danish death dealers and sludge guzzlers UNDERGANG. He’s also Dave’s mate, and he brought beer. Speaking of which, a hearty shout out and thank you from all the MBR crew, to Magister Gene for the beer money. Nighest of swans! The show ran over, so was split into 2 halves, and at the end of each features some tracks from Dave’s upcoming projects as an Xmas bonus to our beloved listeners, as well as a bit of an explanation. So sit back, relax, stretch your sack, and check out the show. It goes downhill pretty fast. That will be the beer. On this Solstice shredding show you’ll be getting:
Confessions of joint nudity very early on.
The “Woop” count, updated.
Polite Danes making erotic advances to Dave, who apparently looked homeless.
Inadvertently summoning Finnish demons.
Packets of guilt left out in the rain.
Mads has art, and it’s a load of old wank.
Nostalgic cracker tales and Heavy Metal friends.
Passion fruit flavoured banana beer. And it’s utter bollocks.
Random Bludgeon Geography!
What do Welsh androids dream of?
C*** is the new F***
Due to some fantastic editing skills, the ZZ top cover went down incredibly well. Until it didn’t.
Austrian bands from down under, mouths full of meatballs, and Muppet Satanists.
Nostalgia for OG Metal Breakfast, and a possible home invasion at Spenceley’s place.
Part 1 finale tracks:
Hellfrost & Fire - “Legion of Hellfrost and Fire” & “Black Secrets in the Splintering Walls”
Formaldehydist - “Piss-soaked Lingerie” & “Caught Between a Cock and a Flight Case”
Part 2 finale tracks:
Formaldehydist - “Chunder on the Tundra” & “Alcohol By Volume (Turn That Fucker Up)”
Hellfrost & Fire - “The Lost King and The Heir Apparent”
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 44.2 - 1
Thursday, December 23, 2021