Episode 39.7
“Har har har…har har har…”
Pull out your sunglasses, lather up with sunscreen, and make those beers extra cold! MBR this week is…gasp….OUTSIDE! Braving the intense heat (HA!) of the Scandinavian sun up on the rooftop of Ingram Towers to bring you the first ever outside broadcast. It’s like Wimbledon, only without the tennis and strawberries. Or rich toffs. This week there’s a special guest on the show - you’ll guess who it is before the first 2 minutes go by - and we bring you a plethora of bands running the gauntlet, several sweet selections of our own, and a few fly-bys from some choppers and swallows. But let’s not sink down to genital jokes…again…let’s get on with it!
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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 39.7
Friday, July 21, 2017