Episode 42.0
“….a haggis.”
This years Xmas MBR sees us being hosted in a new venue which is Bob’s work. Thanks go to 4Sound!
Dave, Kent and Bob are joined by 2 guests this year, and one of them might be very familiar to MBR listeners. Indeed it is Calum, our Scottish buddy who has brought much merriment to the show with his playlists, and of whom we’ve spoken about aplenty over the years. He brings his band mate, Dibnah - apparently pronounced “David.” The two Scot thots are over in Scandinavia playing some shows with their band Vuil (listen to the show for pronunciation etiquette) and we managed to toss their cabers hard enough for them to join us for a night. And what a night it was! There’s a preview of the Ursinne Xmas charity single, and if you would be so kind to donate to the Many Tears Animal Shelter then go visit: https://ursinne.bandcamp.com/album/xmas-charity-tracks you freeloading bastards.
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Also Scottish blowjobs.
Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 42.0
The 2018 Scottish Xmas Craptacula
Friday, December 21, 2018